Vampires, Diaries, and Nina Dobrev

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So I just recently got into The Vampire Diaries, thanks to a friend (Rachel), and ended up loving it. Then we kinda ganged up on another friend (Elijah) and got him into it. So we decided to get together and talk about it. So I jotted down what I thought were some interesting things to talk about and the result is…

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TVD Talk with Rachel, Elijah and Bo

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TV, Movies, etc…

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This is the General TV/Movie discussion section. Here you’ll find both podcasts and blog-based commentary about different things related to TV and Movies.

You’ll find topics such as thoughts on current TV shows (and possibly web series) and what we consider good/bad TV, Favorite shows, episodes we liked/disliked, different cast and crew and what else they’ve done. Not to mention, any shows that may be more unknown that you should check out, and anything that is (at time of recording) available on Netflix Instant Watch.

You’ll also hear about different movies, what we consider good/bad, which ones to see in theaters, which to wait for DVD, which have the best/most DVD extras, and which are (at time of recording) on Instant Watch. (I love Netflix instant watch) Also any cast/crew we find interesting, and what else they’ve done/will be doing.

And that’s just some of what you’ll find here. Ok I’m lying, we won’t even end up doing half of that. You should leave now. Haha JUUUUST kidding.

If you have any questions/suggestions/comments please let me know at

So thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

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